Original music composed by Michael Macias

The Official Soundtrack and Score

Darkness Isn't Empty

What Michael Sees

If you LISTEN, 

you can hear...

When others think being blind just means you CAN'T SEE, it might take someone very special to show them all of the wonderful things that they DON'T SEE.

Michael Macias was born in 1999 at 21½ weeks, and due to complications developed Retinopathy of Prematurity, losing his sight at the age of 4 months.  Despite this, and other physical challenges associated with such an early birth, he has an indomitable spirit.  His mother, Angela, found that he loved the sound of a small, toy piano that played basic nursery rhymes, and used it to encourage him to strengthen his young body to walk.  He would walk across the room to find it, and then play with it happily.   One day, his mother actually heard him plunking out some of the songs on his own.  Excited, she introduced him to a keyboard that had been gathering dust under a bed.  Michael explored the keyboard, and at two years of age, was finding the correct keys to replay the children’s songs that the toy piano played. He taught himself to play the keyboard, then piano, and his learning and love of music has only grown since then.  Although he had not formal lessons and was self taught for the first 14 years of his life, he recently began seeking the tutelage of other master players to increase his knowledge and enhance his natural gift.

Michael and his mother love to go on walks together around the neighborhood.  After one such walk a few years ago, Angela asked Michael how these walks made him feel, and that afternoon he composed his first song, called “The Listening Walk.”  He has now composed over 25 original works.  He loves all types of music, from Classical, to country, rock and roll, and R&B.  His favorite musicians and singers range from Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga, with a particular favorite singer being Andrea Bocelli, with whom Michael dreams of performing.  But anyone who loves music and enjoys performing inspires Michael to say “I want to play with them.”

Bits and Peaces Productions is proud to have a part in telling Michael’s story.  The documentary, “What Michael Sees” explores Michael’s life, and his love of music. It is our hope to not only bring it to film festival audiences everywhere, but educational settings so that anyone who shares a passion for music, can be inspired.  If you listen closely, you can hear “What Michael Sees.”

Michael's first CD, a collection of just a few of his original compositions, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and through other digital music platforms, or by emailing him via Bits and Peaces Productions.

HELP You can help Michael by donating to his GoFundMe campaign.  He will need to have an enucleation procedure (removal of the eye) due to ongoing issues that have been causing him excruciating pain.  Read more by clicking on the "HELP" icon.

What Michael Sees